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Golden Empire Shelling, LLC has been serving the CA community for over a decade. We are a grower  owned  state of the art huller/sheller.  With the first season running in 2008, GES has built a foundation of exceptional product, customer service, and timely reporting.  Quality Reports from the handlers have been outstanding and many are urging their growers to send their almonds to GES. We are proud of our performance and value our current and upcoming partnerships.

For more information about Golden Empire Shelling, LLC. or if you would like to speak with a Golden Empire Shelling representative regarding our services, browse our website, feel free to call us at 661.764.5900.  We value your time. 

Normal Office Hours:  8am - 4pm Monday - Friday

Almond Harvest Hours Vary:  6am - 6pm Mon-Sat   and 6am - 2pm Sunday

Call to check changing schedules during harvest season.


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